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The original GW&SR (later CIE) goods shed for the main Limerick-Tralee Line has been restored and converted into a museum and interpretative centre for the Lartigue Monorailway. It also acts as the entrance hall and ticket office. The museum contains memorabilia, including photographs, posters, tickets, signs, lamps and newspaper articles, relating to the Lartigue and main-line railway.

Hall of the Museum

The museum also features an audio-visual room where visitors can view film footage of the original steam-powered Lartigue. Visitors can view scale-models of the original Lartigue train and also a model of the layout of the Lartigue station and the main-line station. Interactive models illustrate some of the unique features of the Lartigue line. Visitors can also use a touch-screen PC to examine original photographs, documents, and video clips illustrating the history of the Lartigue railway.

Children visiting Museum